Epiphany is a short 3 day course into Christianity for incarcerated juveniles. Many of these young men and women come from broken, unsupportive homes, and this is the first time that anybody has ever shown them God’s love. By supporting this ministry we show these young people that they are cared about and that they are important not only to God, but to us as well. There are three ways to help encourage and support this ministry:

  •  By serving on a team that will physically go into the juvenile institutions for a three day weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Teams consist of both male and female members that will serve in various ways during the weekend ranging from cooking and serving meals, giving brief 15-20 minute talks, sitting at tables helping to guide the discussion on the talks given and being a prayer servant.
  • By signing up for a prayer vigil during the weekend. The prayer vigil is broken into 1/2 hour segments, and then made into a paper chain that is presented to the inmates (called Stars) during a talk Friday afternoon and stretches around the room. The look of amazement on some the young people’s faces when they see this chain of people they don’t even know praying for them and showing God’s love is simply breathtaking.
  • By a monetary contribution. The entire weekend is non-profit, and the team pays for the food and supplies used during the weekend. It averages about $2500 for each weekend, covering food (we feed the stars lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday), supplies for notes during talks, and a small care bag with miscellaneous toiletries, socks, and their own personal Bible.

If you would like more information, or would like to help support this ministry, visit http://ohioepiphany.org/